Another Life


Souvenirs 04:19
Souvenirs written by: Brentice Bush, James Childs, John Robinson another night, another hotel room another glass to change the mood telling lies on the telephone lines wishing that they'd all come true in a daze of cigarette haze too tired to fall asleep caught inside a roller coaster ride of dreams and stability help me, I can’t fend for myself I know why, I need somebody else I drift along on a hope and a prayer while my love collects dust on a shelf but hold on to me, hold on to me I never should have let you go, I know but hold on to me, hold on to me keeping time by the highway lines down to the end of the road and every glimpse of a white picket fence is always someone else's home and there's a pleasure for every mile cheap gift shop souvenirs but there's a cost for a wandering heart when the road signs disappear
We Are Not The Same written by: Brentice Bush, James Childs, John Robinson down the line searching for gold among the land mines out of time thunderclouds closing the open sky stolen dreams red lights never turn to green in between the seed and tree we are not the same everything has changed let the dreamers dream let the lovers lie I will never know all the reasons why out of mind a thousand ways to pass the daylight alibis to make it through the night oh, I will never know
(Chrono) 01:40
written by James Childs, Brentice Bush
Slow Down 04:28
Slow Down written by: Brentice Bush, James Childs, John Robinson there’s a hallway where the walls are painted blue and a window where the sunlight passes through where did you come from? where will you go? are you looking for shelter or another way home? do you want to leave everything behind we could fly there make our way through the sky in another life we could travel the world in a night search the world the way that we want sort through all the places we like where did we come from? where will we go? are we looking for shelter or another way home? just slow down there’s no wondering where we’re going now
written by Brentice Bush
Walls written by: Brentice Bush, James Childs, John Robinson I'm not asking for your heart you would never let it go you've been working way too hard keeping me from coming too close and I need your help it's harder than I'd thought it'd be I'm knocking down your walls while you're tearing out a part of me so go ahead and make your move tell me what you feel inside I know I'm about to lose but I'm not ready for goodbye and I tried to explain but you won't hear the end of it so i guess you're giving up a cold that will not break a pill that I won't take words that you won't say anymore a sun that will not rise a shame that I can't hide a sickness deep inside without a cure cause you're not sure so are we better on our own? cause the dream of you and me has never really taken hold and I think that we both know it I can't carry all the weight of the blame for your mistakes so I'll lay this burden down and walk away from it


Another Life is a fitting name for an album that took Robinson five years to create — a time that included two marriages, two births, and countless other transitions for the band. Naturally, then, the EP contains stories of building new unions and seeking lost bonds across distances. ("Souvenirs", "Slow Down") The album takes a journey of its own, telling the story of a Nashville summer night with the help of steady rhythm guitar, ethereal ambience, and tight harmonies across four songs and two instrumental interludes. Built on a foundation of unpretentious indie rock, the smooth and laid-back sound of Another Life is a confident return for Robinson after 2012's Fits & Starts.


released June 15, 2018

produced, recorded, & mixed by James Childs
mastered by Joe Hutchinson

Brentice Bush: acoustic guitar, piano, bgvs
James Childs: acoustic/electric guitars, bass, keys, programming, bgvs
John Robinson: vocals, acoustic guitar
Kyle Cummings: drums, percussion, drum engineering

Isaaca Byrd: guest vocals on "Walls"

photography & design by James Childs

written, arranged, & performed by Robinson
(c) 2018 administered by Songtrust Ave (ASCAP)
(c) & (p) 2018 Robinson


all rights reserved



ROBINSON Nashville, Tennessee

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